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What To Look For When It Comes To A Home Inspection

Most Orange County Home Inspectors will tell you that the seller disclosure form can tell you a lot about the condition of the home, and get some obvious defects on your radar early in the game. Regardless, sellers are not required to actively search for problems in the home, just to list what they are already aware of.  This means that there may be many more defects that were not brought to your attention. As the buyer, it is your right and responsibility to hire a host of professionals to inspect the house for you, to fill you in on any other latent defects that were not listed by the owners.  In addition, it is advisable to look for Orange County Inspectors who are indifferent to the deal, to give you the most honest and complete inspections.

Here are a few of the inspections you should think about while having a professional home inspection conducted:

Property Home Inspection: a professional Orange County Home Inspector will be able to tell you the general condition of many aspects of the house, including many of the areas listed above such as plumbing, electrical, foundation, and more.

It is not the inspector’s job to fix these problems, but rather to assess them, and therefore likely won’t give you price estimates, but will be able to find anything that the homeowners weren’t aware of.

Pest Inspection: This typically applies to a VA loan.  Pest inspectors will check for wood damage caused by termites and mold damage caused by water leakages.

The inspector will look for both current and future damage, which could be the result of minor issues that if left unfixed could lead to damage in the future.  Our Orange County Home Inspectors say that the current damage will fall under the responsibility of the seller, with future potential areas of damage being your responsibility as the buyer.


In addition, our Orange County Home Inspection Service Providers say it is totally acceptable to include an inspection contingency clause, to give you the option back out of the deal if the inspection comes back unfavorably.  Again, once you have reviewed the inspection, you have the option to keep the offer as is, ask the seller to repair the defects, lower your offer, or terminate your agreement.

If you choose to proceed with the closing, it is always advised to do a final walk-through the day of or before closing. Often times, when the sellers move out their furniture and the house is bare, you may notice things you were not completely aware of in the past.

Our Orange County Home Inspectors say if the seller discovers any new defects during the process of moving out, they’re legally obligated to inform you of these as well, but unfortunately, you can’t rescind your offer unless you can prove that they knew about these defects beforehand.

Post-Move Of A Home Inspection

Now you have moved into your new house, and you discover more problems that were not disclosed.  What do you do? The best thing to do first is to contact the sellers and ask them to pay for the repairs.  In a perfect world, they are reasonable individuals and will pay in order to not get into legal ramifications.

However, if they deny previous knowledge of the defect, our Orange County Home Inspectors say you may have a court case on your hands.  If you make a claim within one year of the closing, you can sue the sellers for fraud, and if you prevail they will be responsible for the repair costs as well as the court costs.

Our Orange County Home Inspectors suggest you speak to your attorney about the best strategy to prove that the sellers were fully aware of the defect and failed to disclose it.

As you go through the process of figuring out the condition of the house you want to move into and navigating the negotiation based on that condition, it is essential to be working with a realtor who has seen it all, and can negotiate with the proper leverage to make sure you are getting your dream home, not a surprise remodel.

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The Usual Things Inspectors Look For In A Home Inspection

A majority of Orange County Home Inspectors will tell you that one of the most common contingencies to real estate purchase agreements is a home inspection. Usually hired by the buyer, a home inspector tends to examine the house thoroughly for non-functioning systems, damages, and repairs that may of need. In addition, the Orange County Home Inspectors detailed report forms the basis for:

  • Continuing with the purchase
  • Renegotiating the sale price
  • Allowing the seller to make repairs
  • Or for pulling out of the sale

Typically, a home inspection is suggested on purchases of new construction as well as re-sales and is a crucial component of an escrow timeline.

Structural Components

Orange County Home Inspectors say that a home inspector climbs onto the roof, pokes at the foundation, and crawls into attic space looking for water condensation or penetration.

Walls are typically examined for leakage or mold. Floor cracks are noted, as is separation from the baseboards. The ceilings, especially around electrical fixtures, must be completely clear of any signs of water leakage.

Exterior Faults

Orange County Home Inspectors often say that a close inspection of the exterior may open up where additional caulking is needed to prevent water seepage.

Moreover, broken seals on glass, deteriorating tread steps, decking and settlement cracks are a few of the items that require professional repair. Even the garage door is tested whether it's electronic or manual.


Orange County Home Inspectors say the roof is generally examined closely for loose shingles or tiles, and the flashing is tested for tightness. Tree limbs touching the house provide a passageway for rodents and also can threaten the house during violent storms.

In addition, Orange County Home Inspectors say gutter debris is noted, and all drains are tested for a tight connection to the house. Skylights and chimneys also are examined for proper sealants.


Orange County Home Inspectors say all piping is tested, including drains, vents and waste systems. Water ingress and egress is examined, as are the interior fuel and water distributors and the sump pump, if present.

All drains are usually examined for clues of leakage, mineral deposits and the fitting of the perfect filtering apparatus. Additionally, Orange County Home Inspectors may test the water for bacteria.


Furthermore, Orange County Home Inspectors say all the electrical components are examined to ensure they fit and are operating safely. Conductors, grounding equipment and distribution panels are tested for efficient operation.

The location of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors also is noted in the inspection report.

Heating/Air Conditioning

The entire heating and air conditioning system is tested to verify it's in working condition, and the appropriate filters are examined for accumulation. Furthermore, supply pipes are also examined for corrosion.

Chimneys must be fully clear of bird nests, and the chimney frame, whether it's brick or made of other components, is to be sound.


In addition, Orange County Home Inspectors say attic crawl space insulation and vapor retarders are noted on the inspection report. Moreover, all venting fans that aren’t working also are included. Under-floor insulation, if accessible through the basement, also is examined for deterioration.


Orange County Home Inspection Service Providers say doors, floors, stairways, counters, cabinetry, and the number of windows are all cited on the inspection report along with notes on any items that don't function as they should.

This also includes testing of all interior appliances that are built-in or included in the purchase contract.

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3 Essential Benefits Of A New Home Inspection

Professional Orange County Home Inspection Companies say that because of the growing number of houses out there for sale on the market, buyers are more conscious regarding the state of the property and demand a report of the current status of the home for sale and other essential things that may influence the value. As a result, the interest for a new home inspection is really on the rise. The new home inspection is actually a document which provides the buyers having the complete review report of the property conducted through an seasoned and high qualified Orange County Home Inspector.

Overall, the inspection report provides the conditions of the property and makes buyers aware of the possible costs they can confront after they choose the home.

Therefore, the buyer could pick whether he/she wants to purchase the property or not. Professional Orange County Home Inspectors say that the very same new home inspection report can also be used by the sellers that will support them in organizing each of the property related records.

Listed below are three important benefits of a new home inspection.

Identify The Dilemmas Punctually With A Professional Home Inspection 

Orange County Home Inspection Company

By identifying any problems early on, the vendor will be now at a position to address the repairs ahead of the property getting put in the market for sale and ensure it is even more desirable for buyers. 

Ultimately, Orange County Home Inspection Companies say all this can mean more cash for the seller. Earning dwelling repairs on time will decrease the possibility of buyers steering off in the property and could boost the selling price.

Value The Property Straight 

Using a new home inspection report from reliable and accredited Orange County Home Inspector permits the vendor to price the property. As an example, if the heating system needs repair and if not accounted for in the price tag, the purchaser will most likely offer a reduce deal.

Offer A Feeling Of Confidence 

Most Orange County Home Inspectors will tell you that using a new home inspection report during and after seeing a home, possible buyers will feel more comfortable in creating an offer you.

When a prospective buyer sees there are no severe repairs needed, it's a lot easier to choose the cost. On the other side, if there was a flaw that needs to be repaired, the purchaser will almost certainly give a lower offer or request that the vendor care for the repair.

A new home inspection report is usually offered by the property so that it could be reviewed by the client after they are done viewing the property together. Moreover, the actual estate representative has the copy of the report designed for the prospective buyers.

Top Benefits of a Home Inspection to Your Buyers

A house is a huge venture. It is more then shelter and a place to live. It is the place a family gets together for events and where kids grow up. For the vast majority, a house is the foundation of their life where enduring memories are made. It's a broker's job to ensure purchasers purchase houses in excellent condition. You can do this by encouraging them to hire a professional Orange County Home Inspector to help perform a thorough home inspection. Home inspections enable purchasers to stay away from terrible astonishments later on.

A home may look great at first glance but deep down, can conceal a lot of problems. Qualified Orange County Home Inspectors have the preparation and experience expected to enable homebuyers to settle on educated choices. Here are some real ways a home inspection helps purchasers.

Home Inspections Can Give Warning Signs

A quality Orange County Home Inspector aid in evaluating real deformities, security concerns, and potential dangers. He can pinpoint issues and offer proposals on the best way to manage them. He can likewise recognize code infringement on the property. This data can help a homebuyer settle on an exact choice.

A purchaser may believe he's purchasing an immaculate home however inconvenience might hide under the drywall. Experienced Orange County Home Inspectors can recognize the most unobtrusive signs and distinguish what's behind a divider without opening it up.

Orange County Home Inspections Can Pay For Themselves In Savings

Orange County Home Inspectors say home inspections pay for themselves in investment funds. Purchasers can set aside extra cash by advising merchants to provide food for the repairs. Things such as wellbeing dangers, poor auxiliary outlines, water spillage in cellars, and spoilt machines can wind up costing purchasers a great deal of cash. A professional home inspection can spot such deformities and spare purchasers these costs.

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Venders Can Fix Issues To Pass Home Inspections

Numerous homeowners more often than not find a way to guarantee their homes are sheltered and livable. Notwithstanding, they may put additional push to guarantee their homes pass home inspections.

Professional Orange County Home Inspectors are careful and make homebuyers' security their main objective. Venders know this and will do whatever they can to guarantee their homes are in tiptop condition.

Homebuyers May Be Able To Ask Less For The Home

After the professional Orange County Home Inspection Service Providers finishes his activity, he gives a report. This can assist you with determining whether there are real issues with the home. On the off chance that there are, you can consult at a lower cost in the interest of your customer or talk about with the homeowner on how the issues will be settled.

A Home Inspection Helps Buyers To Plan Ahead

Home inspections aren't only for current conditions; they can be utilized as devices for future arranging. You can utilize this point to persuade purchasers who are uncertain of employing an Orange County Home Inspector.

Disclose to them that the cash they spend on a home inspection currently may spare them expensive repairs not far off.

An inspection can likewise be utilized as an apparatus for future arranging particularly in a more established home that may require overhauls. A nitty gritty one can tell the purchaser the "future" for things like the heater, rooftop, and apparatuses.

A Professional Home Inspection Enables Buyers To feel Confident About Their Purchase

Orange County Home Inspectors say that a home inspection aids the business procedure by making purchasers feel sure about their purchase. It makes them glad and fulfilled and takes out purchaser's regret. Furthermore, when you encourage a purchaser to have a home reviewed, it makes you look more expert in their eyes.

Home inspections are precious to homebuyers. Purchasing a home is a significant choice for any individual so it is vital to have it assessed first. Ultimately, Orange County Home Inspectors say a home inspection is the most ideal approach to keep away from purchaser's regret. It enables purchasers to set aside some cash and gives them true serenity.