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Orange County Home Inspectors say, a home fire occurs every 86 seconds in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Fires - Orange County Home Inspectors

Orange County Home Inspectors say, fires can result in thousands of deaths and injuries each year, aside from a vast amount of property damage.

A strong home fire safety plan can enhance your family's chances of escaping a fire safely and, in some cases, it may help you avoid one altogether.

Learn about several top ways to practice fire safety within the home from the experts at ServiceMaster Restore.

The perfect way to stay safe from fires is to prevent them from happening within the first place. Start with executing the fire-prevention measures beneath:

  • Keep flammable materials away from heat sources. If you're having a portable space heater, maintain it at least 3 feet away from flammable items like furniture, blankets, electronic equipment and anything combustible.
  • Do not leave flames or smoking materials unattended, for example fireplaces, stovetops, candles and cigarettes. Avoid smoking inside and never smoke in bed.
  • Fix or replace frayed electrical cords or wires.
  • Do not overload wall sockets or extension cords.
  • Have your furnace or home heating source periodically inspected and maintained in great working arrangement.
  • Make certain everybody in the household understands the importance of home fire safety and finds fire-safe habits, including the own kids.

Fire Safety Equipment For Your Home

Orange County Home Inspectors say, a superior home fire safety plan includes having the perfect supplies and safety devices on hand.

These resources are going to soon likely be your first line of defense in the unlikely case of a fire, and they can dramatically improve your ability to react effectively.

  • Install smoke detectors on each floor of the home, in each bedroom, and outside each sleeping area.
  • Examine and maintain your smoke sensors
  • A fire extinguisher can keep small, containable fires from growing out of control. Have an extinguisher handy whenever you utilize cooking or heating gear.
  • Learn just how to make use of a fire extinguisher
  • contemplate installing an automatic sprinkler system in your home.
  • Fire Safety Planning Within an emergency, reaction period is critical.

Over and above the equipment you require, every one in your household need to learn what things start a fire.

Starter Kits And Procedures For Home:

  • Create a fire safety plan that establishes at least two escape routes and a safe location away from the home where everyone can meet.
  • Make an emergency communications plan to stay in contact and after a fire.
  • Practice your escape plan twice a year so everybody can act fast when it counts.
  • Teach kids how and when to call 9-1-1.

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