How Safe Is Your Electrical System?

When was the last time you had your electric panel inspected? How about your branch wiring? How about the wiring in your attic or crawlspace?

For most people, the answer to those questions would likely be “never”, or “when I bought my home”. But when it comes to electricity, it is not something to be ignored.

We tend to only think about electricity in our home when there is a problem. For instance, a light won’t work, there is a strange sound, or (unfortunately) something worse.

But wouldn’t it be better to discover issues before they happen? We don’t need to sit around the dinner table each night mulling over our wiring, but could we put an inspection on our Google Calendar to have our home and electrical system checked out yearly, every two years, or whatever seems practical to you.

Keeping your eye on your electrical system is an important part of owning a home. Have questions or need an inspection? Contact us!