Essential Questions Prior To Hiring An Orange County Home Inspector

Hiring an Orange County Home Inspector can provide negotiating leverage for the home buyer or warn of potential problems. No home is in perfect shape, not even a new construction.

If you end up spending money on an inspection and find these red flags, then you're out a few hundred dollars for the inspection, but it saves you potentially tens of thousands of dollars, when you negotiate the price or walk away from the property.

Not all states have licensing requirements for home inspection companies, so they can vary in terms of cost and quality. Your realtor may have recommendation for Orange County Home Inspectors, but it's a good idea to also vet them yourself.

Our Orange County Home Inspectors advise that you check out the American Society of Home Inspectors website ( to find a member inspector in your area. In the meantime, here's a look at the essential questions to ask before hiring an Orange County Home Inspection Company.

Does The Orange County Home Inspector Perform Repairs or Just Home Inspections? 

Some homebuyers seek the advice of a general contractor rather than a home inspector. Our Orange County Home Inspection Service Providers say that's a mistake, as they provide expertise from a different point of view. A home inspector is typically checking the roof or the appliances if they're included in the home.

A general contractor is coming in from a repair standpoint and can quote for whatever repairs need to be complete. In fact, providing both services could create a conflict of interest, because buyers can't always distinguish between necessary repairs and optional upgrades.

After the home inspection, you may want to a general contractor to find out how much a kitchen renovation or plumbing upgrade might cost. Get an opinion first, then you bring in the contractor to quote for what those repairs are.

Is The Orange County Home Inspector Bonded And Insured?

Our Home Inspectors in Orange County say a surprising number of home inspectors don't have insurance. "Somebody with employees should really have workers’ [compensation], and they should have errors and omissions insurance in case there is something significant that they miss,.

So let's say the Orange County Home Inspector falls through the attic or slips while inspecting your roof. If the company doesn't have the appropriate insurance, it may sue you or the current homeowners or try to put a lien on the property. So make sure the company is insured before the inspector sets foot on the property.

Whenever one party is sued in the transaction, it tends to pinball all over the place where everybody ends up in the lawsuit, you're avoiding personal liability by making sure that they have their own insurance.

Can You Provide References As An Orange County Home Inspector?

It's generally a great idea to check the Orange County Home Inspection Company's references. Our Orange County Home Inspectors suggest asking previous clients about whether the home inspector arrived on time and inspected all aspects of the house, including the roof and attic. In addition, did they provide a comprehensive and thorough report that spelled out all areas of the home and the findings?

Think about references as a grain of salt, however, because the references given are likely to be the Orange County Home Inspector's most enthusiastic supporters, just listen with an open mind.

Can One Tag Along On During The Home Inspection? 

Some homeowners leave the inspectors alone to examine the home, while others want to be more hands-on and follow along as the inspector works. If you fall into the latter camp, which a handful of experts recommended, make sure your Orange County Home Inspector is willing to walk you through the process.

Our Orange County Home Inspection Service Providers say it's essential to find an Orange County Home Inspector who can communicate clearly and takes the time to explain things.

What Does The Home Inspection Include?

Our Orange County Home Inspectors say that in order to compare inspectors, you need to know what the inspection includes (or doesn't include). Ideally, the inspection should be as thorough as possible. We open every window we can open and test every outlet we can test.

A handful of Orange County Home Inspection Companies don't test the appliances, but we turn on dishwashers and laundry machines to see if there's damages on the gaskets and things. The extent of the inspection may also vary by region.

Will You Send Me A Sample Inspection Report?

The Orange County Home Inspector should send you a detailed report after completing the inspection. Our Orange County Home Inspectors recommend you ask to see a sample to make sure the information is presented in a clear and thorough format that's easy to understand.

Do You Have Any Special Expertise?

If you're buying a special type of property, such as a historic home or new construction, make sure the inspector understands the special considerations for those types of properties.

Most Orange County Home Inspectors say older homes may have issues that newer homes don’t have, while recently constructed properties may have new materials and different types of framing that require a more critical eye.

Homes with swimming pools also have potential issues. Inspecting a condo tends to be simpler than a free-standing home, Gladstone adds, so it's not necessary to look for someone with specific condo expertise.

How Much Do You Charge?

Notice that price is the last question mentioned. That's because shopping on price alone may lead to cutting corners. "You might be saving a couple of hundred dollars to hire the cheapest Orange County Home Inspector, but you could be paying in a large way because the Orange County Home Inspector wasn't thorough or the report was difficult to grasp.

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