Drone Solution For Every Roof - Orange County Home Inspector

Orange County Home Inspectors say, innovation in today's technology is driving widespread change through the home inspection world.

Drones Are Here To Stay - Orange County Home Inspectors

Orange County Home Inspectors say, drones have found themselves in the construction industry as well.

Thanks to drones, roofing contractors get way more than just the basic measurements.

Home inspectors are shocked when they see their roof inspection reports.

Drone solutions can be tailored to all roof sizes.

Being Consistent

Orange County Home Inspectors say, consistency wins is a very popular saying.

Those two words couldn't be truer when you talk about roof inspections.

When a roofer has to use traditional methods, human error can have a ripple effect on data collection.

With the data being inconsistent, you can't give a fair and accurate bid.

Drones today allow roofer to get the same data, the same way, on every project.

You can set a drone to automate itself in a flight plan.

Roof inspection reports have to be shared with customers.

They contain tons of high quality, unbiased data.

Including accurate measurements, highlighted damage, and high resolution images.

Using Drones And Increasing Availability

Roofers can’t always climb on a roof, this is a fact.

This is due to things like steepness or even excessive damage.

Before drones came along, roofers would order a roof report from a third party.

Especially if it's steep or damaged.

Problem here is that reports aren’t always available, and many aren’t up to date.

If that roof is in bad shape, your bid won’t be accurate.

Drones give roofers an expectancy.

There's no guesswork, no third party getting involved.

They give up to date, accurate data for the roof inspection report.

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