Aerial Roof Inspections Are Safer - Orange County Home Inspectors

Orange County Home Inspectors say, there are limitations to an inspector; asphalt, slate and clay tiles can break easy. They aren't really accessible.

When it comes to rain, soaked and steep roofs are dangerous as well.

Using Aerial Cameras - Orange County Home Inspectors

Orange County Home Inspectors say, with state of the art cameras, home inspectors can reach areas that were otherwise unreachable.

With aerial roof inspection technology, home inspectors can get up close up in hard to see areas of inaccessible roofs and chimney flashing, Sky lights...etc.

Some cities prohibit the use of drones while flying in windy and rainy conditions.

It can be too risky and necessitates very skilled piloting.

In using high powered, high definition cameras, home inspectors can safely evaluate the roof.

No matter what instrument the home inspector uses, it's included along with your home inspection at no additional costs.


Orange County Home Inspectors say, roof or building inspection help save individuals from dangerous work.

Boring work of manual inspection on ladders has changed today.

Using a ladder and assessing the roof and and putting themselves in danger is no longer part of the routine.

Home Inspectors are able to capture high quality video and stills using different methods.

Most likely, they'll be able to remotely scan for problems and record the images so they can later use with insurance or contractors who are performing repairs or claims.

Imagery can be provided via digital shipping onto a private account for the customer.

After examination of these images, contractors or customers can see what their property resembles from an above perspective.

Looking further in to these images, we located an area of damage and the client chose action to resolve the issue.

Proof arial imagery delivers value to clients.

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