4 Essential Reasons to Have a Home Inspection Before You Purchase

Let’s face it, it’s quite simple to get mesmerized by the thrill of purchasing a new home and forget to make the critical decision to have a home inspection almost immediately after you are under contract. Our Orange County Home Inspectors say home inspections are an essential part of the homebuying process that can end up saving you a tremendous amount of time and money over time.

Remember that a home appraisal and a home inspection are not the same things. Our Orange County Home Inspectors will often tell you that appraisals will not provide you with a detailed and thorough look at a property which can help uncover deep-rooted problems and potential downfalls.

Here are four great reasons to have a home inspection before you purchase a home:

Don’t Judge A Home By Its Facade

For those purchasing a newer construction, a home inspection may feel like a waste of money. No matter the age of the home, our Orange County Home Inspection specialist say there can be costly troubles unknown to the typical home buyer.

Problems such as:

  • Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Structural Issues

...may not be visible during a showing and you’ll want to get an expert opinion. Even before you get to the interior, you can do your own preliminary inspection. Simply walk around the home’s exterior and look for these potential type of problems.

Save Money With A Professional Orange County Home Inspection

Home inspection costs vary. Our Orange County Home Inspection Service Providers say those who skip out on the expense may end up realizing in a few years that an inspection is much cheaper than rewiring the complete house.


One of the main advantages of having a home inspection performed before you buy is the power it might give you to negotiate a lower price. If a home you really like is on the edge of your price range, our Orange County Home Inspection specialist say information gathered during the home inspection may give you the bargaining power to talk down the price.

In addition, you can also insert language into a purchase contract that gives you an opportunity to back out of an agreement if the inspection turns up problems.

Seller’s Repairs

Not only are you able to negotiate a lower price, a handful of buyers include clauses in their contract requiring the seller to make the repairs needed before any money is exchanged.

If the seller is not wanting to complete the repairs, our Orange County Home Inspection team recommends you estimate the cost and ask them to take that amount off the total. Steady facts about the quality and condition of the home can give you valuable bargaining power.

In the end, the most crucial reason to have a home inspection before you buy is to really know what you’re buying. Our Orange County Home Inspection Specialist advise that you research your potential home similar to how you would any other major buying decision.

The more you know, the fewer surprises there will be down the road. A professional Orange County Home inspector can assist you in making a decision based on your current budget as well as your future time and money investment.

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